MTI – Mobile Traffic Installation

Transportable signal mast with tested structural engineering

The requirement for qualified traffic control systems which can manage even complex tasks. such as controlling large traffic nodal points, is growing all the time. With the introduction of the multi-functional FMC-N control system, FABEMA has launched a system on the market which makes complex major crossing systems available now, even for temporary, mobile use. Matching this, FABEMA is now introducing a new system for transportable signal masts.

Mobile masts for different boom lengths bear the name MTI ("Mobile Traffic Installation"). The system is offered for leasing, including set-up and teardown, or can be bought on the open market. FABEMA helps its customer in the composition of an individual system with the corresponding components for the traffic engineering task in question.

The MTI system is a modular steel design, which was developed specially for temporary use. The mast can be installed with a jib length of up to six metres – or as a portal up to 22 metres in length. The design was developed for fast, uncomplicated assembly. Set-up and teardown can be managed simply with only two people – without special tools. MTI complies with DIN EN 1090 and all European regulations for structural engineering, environment and safety.

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