Red remaining time display

The red remaining time display informs the road user of the remaining time for the red phase in seconds. The display is equally useful for pedestrians, car drivers and other road users. The two and a half digit LED display is mounted as the fourth chamber above the red signal at the head of the light or as an individual chamber (for example at crossing systems).

The red remaining time display is connected to the red signal of a traffic light system. The controller measures the duration of the red light over three phases and then starts its operation automatically. In this way, the red remaining time display can be connected to any traffic light system – regardless of the manufacturer.

In a pilot test by the University of Hamburg, 71,000 citizens were polled recently about the use of a red remaining time indicator at a pedestrian traffic light. With the display in front of them, pedestrians experienced a greater calm . In a poll, 79 percent answered that they were open-minded about the new technology. The study showed that the number of "red light jumpers" per day had reduced on average by more than 20 percent. (Source: Spiegel online)

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