UHF handheld wireless transmitter

UHF hand held wireless transmitter HFS/300

The wireless controller with a system

Long range and high security for all applications. The FS-HS system is approved in a number of European countries. Operation in these countries is free of charge and requires no application. Without any development around, an action radius of approx. 300 m is achieved (without response). The operational options extend to the following functions:

  • Manual switching
  • Green requirement
  • All-red requirement
  • Public transport priority

Its small dimensions and ergonomic design make the UHF hand held transmitter particularly useful. At the press of a button, you can control different receivers.

UHF hand held wireless transmitter

HS-712 hand held transmitter with wireless response, range approx. 1000 meter

The HS-712TX is a small, battery operated hand held transmitter in the ISM band, free of charge and requiring no application. Its transmit power is 10 mW. Power is supplied by a 9V block battery or accumulator. The feature of this is that the hand held transmitter requires no power at rest. It has a film keyboard with 12 keys. As standard, these are the numbers 0-9 and the C and E keys. Customised keyboard films are possible to order. The HS-712TX is response-enabled; in other words, the handheld transmitted is notified whether the receiver has received the wireless command. Commands are transferred in the FFSK process. Data transfers in error are prevented by securing data telegrams with a CRC (Cyclic Redundancy Check). The Hamming distance for the telegram security used is 4. In addition, data telegrams are secured with a customer-specific address, so that even with an identical build HS-712TX, another customer cannot be affected by the separate system. 240 sub-addresses, which can be assigned to the transmitter and receiver via a programming functions, are possible for each customer address. Combinations in which a number of handheld transmitters work on a single receiver or a single handheld transmitter works a number of receivers are also possible.

The HS-712RX is available as a receiver module. This receiver has 8 relays with changeover contacts and can optionally be supplied as a board or in an IP-65 cast aluminium housing. The antenna can be connected directly at the housing to a BNC socket, or connected remotely via a HF cable. The control cable is connected in the HS-712RX to a terminal strip and is fed in via a PG union.

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