LED light systems

Light emitting diodes make this possible!

Increasingly, LEDs are lighting traffic lights and traffic control systems. A reliable solution for the next century. And these are the irresistible advantages:


  • Using LED technology in FABEMA traffic light systems brings a significant energy saving of up to 70%
  • Longer battery life, as they do not have to be charged so often (charging cycle)
  • No red lamp failure caused by a filament breaking
  • Light engineering tested to DIN 67527 part 1 by an accredited test laboratory
  • If there is a technical defect with a LED light, conventional 12V to 20W incandescent or halogen lamps can be used as a bypass (advantage compared with completely flat LED technology)
  • Patented/DBGM

Maintenance costs fall dramatically, as the life of LEDs is significantly longer compared with incandescent/halogen lamps.

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