Wireless modem

Wireless modem with multi-frequency technology/field strength meter

Safety takes priority in wireless signal systems. We are compliant with this as the first manufacturer to bring a new multi-frequency system with automatic frequency changing into service.

If there is any interference caused by other wireless systems or other interfering transmitters, a free frequency is selected automatically. In addition to multi-frequency systems, we offer, inter alia, a digital field strength meter – separate for all wireless paths – with an indication of the jammer for each signal site (no mechanical switch on the front plate). All send, receive and interfering field strengths are shown in the display in percent.


  • Micro-computer controlled transfer system
  • short response time due to high transfer speeds
  • high degree of protection against interference through third party interaction by manufacturer-related address-coding and interference-proof FFSK transfer methods
  • Transmitter output power 100 mW, frequency in Germany: 151.09 MHz or 170.77 MHz, or 3-frequency method with 170.63/170.75/170.77 MHz, range approx. 2000 m, CE marking. Wireless licence in many European countries.

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