Pedestrian pushbutton traffic light system


Pedestrian pushbutton traffic light system, cable-/wireless-controlled

The COM/FUG is a mobile pedestrian signal system for a 230V mains power supply or 12V battery operation. It comprises two fully galvanised signal masts, on which are two vehicle signal sensors, a pedestrian signal sensor, the control unit and the pushbutton respectively. This robust traffic light meets the requirements of DIN VDE 0832 part 12 and RiLSA 1992/G.


Various functions are incorporated to comply with the different requirements:

  • Choice between demand and fixed timing operation
  • 6 time-dependent programmes
  • Night shut-down in flashing or dark mode
  • Weekend shut-down in flashing and dark modes
  • optionally, pedestrian demand acknowledgement via the signal sensor "Signal is coming"
  • optionally, wireless mode
  • optional counter for determining the requirement

For smooth and cost-effective operation, the system offers the following features:

  • Dual piston lamps to avoid faults caused by lamp failure
  • Power saving through continuous brightness regulation of the lamps
  • It is recommended that LED systems be used for battery operation

A safety clip can secure the pedestal against misuse and theft. They are programmed via the control panel, which comprises a film keyboard and a LCD display. Warning information and error messages are output in clear text. A user-friendly menu system leads the user through the programming step by step. With all changes, the system remains in operation, so that the traffic flow is not interrupted. Only after completing reprogramming the new data is taken over and, provided the changes do not affect the basic configuration, accepted transparently. Depending on the fittings, there is the option to operate the lights in cable or wireless mode. The signal system records the pedestrian requirement by means of special pushbuttons, which are broadly proof against sabotage through their special design.

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