Quartz traffic lights


Quartz-controlled traffic light system for one-way traffic control

The quartz traffic light system for one way traffic control with state of the art technology minimises to what is strictly necessary.

Dispensing with mechanical components and wiring enables maximum security against interruption, vandalism and theft and offers welcome protection against water damage and contamination.


  • The controller is housed in the green chamber of the signal sensor.
  • A transponder module transfers the synchronisation and settings contactlessly.
  • A film keyboard programmes the system. The indication appears on a large LED display and moving the traffic light stands together is not required.
  • Separate settings of the red and green times from 1-999 seconds is standard and is accurate to the nearest second.
  • The production version includes large, hot-galvanised battery boxes for housing two 12V/180Ah batteries. The signal sensors are fitted with 12V/10W halogen energy-saving lamps.
  • Additional energy saving is achieved by night lowering (LDR).
  • Optional fitting with LED technology to extend the constant operating time is possible.

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