Our core business for more than 45 years has been mobile traffic light systems. For FABEMA, progress means always being one step ahead. Improve the proven and develop new products, follow market requirements and fulfil customers' wishes. All this must mirror our products.

The proven EURO/COM 2000 traffic light control unit has been constantly redeveloped and now offers a state of the art and individual system, which broadly meets all traffic control requirements on road construction sites. Naturally, FABEMA also offers quartz traffic light control systems for single lane control.

Type diversity in design is variable, whether it be the standard type, the Comet or one of many hybrids. Traffic control of crossing areas places ever more complex demands on the safety officers for these construction sites. The newly developed FMC-N major crossing system with modern LED signal sensors also offers safety on all construction sites in this area.

For FABEMA, quality means having everything under control. No traffic light system may leave the works without precise checking and a long term test. FABEMA offers training courses for quality assurance on construction sites.

FABEMA, the brand name for mobile traffic light systems, has stood across Europe for decades for the highest standards in engineering and mobility.

Registered with the Verein für die Präqualifikation von Bauunternehmen e.V. [German Construction Companies' Prequalification Association] under the registration number 010.069380.

Download: Grundlagen zum PQ-Verfahren

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A certification audit again provided evidence that our quality management system fulfils the requirements of the following standard: DIN EN ISO 9001:2008. Scope: Development, manufacture and marketing of signalling systems and traffic protection products. Certificate registration number: QMZ 01315/QM.


Download: DIN ISO 9001



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