Fabema traffic safety

For over 45 years, the core business of FABEMA GmbH has been mobile traffic light systems and products to make dangerous places safe. At our leasing and service support point in Cologne/Porz-Gremberghoven, we offer to rent you complete solutions to traffic safety.

As a service provider, we work alongside our customers in the following service phases:

  • Consultancy
  • Contact with the authorities, police, fire service, public transport operations, ordering agencies and other parties
  • Calculation
  • Planning
  • Creation of traffic sign plans
  • Creation of traffic engineering documents for traffic light systems
  • Obtaining traffic law injunctions
  • Programming traffic light systems
  • Performing complete traffic control planning
  • Servicing and inspection runs to ZTV-SA
  • Leasing materials, also  for self-collectors

We carry out traffic safety on:

  • Federal highways
  • Regional highways
  • District roads
  • Inner city
  • Private, company and industrial areas

For this, we cover the following traffic safety requirement to RSA, RilSa, ZTV-SA and StVO:

  • Stopping bans, protocol management for parades, heavy load transport, street events
  • Construction site safety
  • Diversion signing
  • Marking
  • Signing, blocking and control systems for sporting occasions, events, street parties, major events and carnival parades (identification of shuttlebus parking places, VIP zones etc.)
  • Special labelling (contract site signs)
  • Pedestrian control

Individual traffic light system engineering:

  • Single lane change type C wireless operation and hard-wired
  • Junction signalling with pedestrian type D
  • Major crossing systems TYPE D
  • Acceptance of traffic safety equipment
  • Prescribed electrical safety tests and signal engineering acceptances according to RiLSA and DIN VDE 0832-100

Setting up traffic safety and leasing

We offer our traffic light system engineering for rental throughout Germany and abroad. At the same time, we lease directly, or cooperate with established specialist traffic safety companies. However, within Nordrhein-Westfalen, we offer construction safety inside a radius of up to 100 km from our service support point in Cologne.

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